Storybook Theatre of Texas
In August and September of 2014 Storybook Theatre of Texas completed a
successful 23 day tour in the country of China.  Performing their original “Two
Pigs and T.H.E Wolf” program, the tour began in Beijing where they performed
twice at  the 4th Annual China Children’s Festival.  As the first Americans to ever
perform at the Festival, the troupe was extremely honored to have received the
“Excellent Play” award and to have performed for American Embassy personnel
who were stationed in Beijing.   Upon completion of the Festival, Storybook
Theatre went on to perform in 7 other Chinese cities in Theaters across the
country.  In every location, the troupe was greeted by enthusiastic crowds who
loved the shows and treated them with the upmost respect and kindness.   Our
deepest thanks goes out to the China Cultural and International Tours Inc. who
selected Storybook Theatre to perform in China and organized and directed the
entire tour along with the help of the CAEG and the CPAA.  It was truly a trip of a
lifetime and one that Storybook Theatre of Texas will never forget.
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