Local Venues(for audiences of 250 or less):
1 presentation                                $500                                              
2 presentations                              $700                                              
3 presentations                              $850                                              
4 presentations                              $1000                                              

Live music is available instead of recorded upon request. Additional pricing
~Prices quoted are for single site performances.
~Call for exact pricing on multi-site visits or shared days.
~Large venue presentations (250+) are available.  Call or email for pricing.

Out of Area Venues:
~Most require a full day pricing (cost for 3-4 shows) even if only booking 1-2

~Meal, mileage, and hotel (if necessary) will be an additional charge

Please call 210/658-6450 or email Lynn at  for more

Large Venue Pricing Estimate:

1 presentation                                $1500                                          
2 presentations                              $2000                                              
~Call or email for international pricing
Funding available through Texas Commission on the Arts!

Storybook Theatre is very sensitive to the budget restraints of our
customers. To help in the funding of our presentations, we have been
accepted by Texas Commission on the Arts (TCA) as a member of their
Touring Artist Roster. As a presenter, you may be eligible for funding up to
50 percent of our fees. For grant information, contact Anina at 512-936-6573,
email: Web Site:

PLEASE NOTE:  There are new deadlines for the TCA mini grants.  
They are:
1st quarter:
August 1st deadline for activities occurring Sept. 1st thru Dec. 14th
2nd quarter:
Nov. 1st deadline for activities occurring Dec. 15th thru Mar. 14th
3rd quarter:
Feb. 1st deadline for activities occurring Mar. 15th thru June 14th
4th quarter:
May 1st deadline for activities occurring June 15th thru August 31st