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Not only do young people
enjoy our programs, but also
the young at heart!
We love feedback and
Storybook Theatre of Texas
Not only did I get good feedback from students, but also, I had a lot of teachers thank
me for bringing you in.  I heard things like “appreciated the reinforcement on skills”
and “my students were 100% engaged.”  Thank you again for your passion in your
work—it was a great way to end my school year. (
2 Pigs & T.H.E. Wolf)
Jennifer Coleman, Murchison Elementary, Pflugerville

It is my pleasure to praise the very best performers I have had in over 20 years as a
librarian.  You are STELLAR!
~Constance Keremes, Patrick Heath Public Library

I have seen many of the programs, and each one is educational, beneficial, and a
pure joy to watch!
~Cindy Beard, Librarian, McDermott Elementary

The members of Storybook Theatre were a delight to work with.  SBT conducted
several residency activities in area schools that dealt with story elements and writing
stories. Over 175 students and teachers attended the residency activities and had a
great time.  Information for the teachers was provided in advance of the workshops,
thus allowing the students time to work on the items being addressed during the
residency. Storybook Theatre also performed "The New Little Red Riding Hood" to
two sold out performances of over 846 students and teachers at Kirtland Youth
Theatre on the college campus. The play is a twist on the classic story emphasizing
the importance of character traits with a splash of environmental awareness. Based
on the response in written evaluations from our area teachers, students, and staff, I
recommend this company as an excellent Youth Theatre experience.
~Gary Caron, Director performing Arts Center, Kirtland Community College, Michigan

Our theatre played host to Storybook Theatre , and we couldn’t be more pleased with
the terrific performances that captivated our local elementary school students. The
group also performed “Two Pigs and T.H.E. Wolf” for the public on the evening of Oct.
28. The members of this troupe are highly skilled and enthusiastic, and we’re thrilled
that they were able to engage our children in a way that television and computer
screens cannot. This is a rare treat for our kids, and we can't think of a better group
than Storybook Theatre to fulfill this need in our community. We are hopeful to bring
them back to our stage again soon.
~Melanie Baumgardner, president
Wellington Ritz Theatre, Inc.

Thank you for bringing history "alive" with
Allie in History Land.  The presentation was
fabulous, engaging, and memorable
. ~~Teacher, Klein Road Elementary

From Round Rock ISD after
Goldifox & the 2 Hares:
-I thought it was great! Engaging, appropriate, interactive and FUN.  I like how it tied in
healthy choices with the program. ~Teacher
-LOVE LOVE LOVED it!!!! Best performance I have ever seen! The kids loved it too.
They were so engaged, ~Teacher
-"I liked when the hares found the surprise first, and they shared it with Goldie Fox. I
think we should do the play again next year because it was good, and people learned
a lesson. They learned don't spy on people. Share something with others."
-Kyra, student
-"I liked the part when Goldie Fox was sneaking up, and I liked it when her cover got
blown.  It was a fun show."    -Aiydan, student

Students after seeing
Allie in History Land:
-Your show was very good.  You all were funny.  You make history into fun.  Reading
history is not fun.  You made it fun.
-Thank you for the play,  It was wonderful and spectacular.  I would give you five -I love
learning history.  I never knew that much history, but now I know more about history.  
Thank you for making that play fun.

"It was funny when the cat came up and they screamed, "Ahh!"  I liked when they were
riding in the car.  Every time the cat came out, it was funny!"  Kindergartener, Medina
Elementary (
Country Mouse, City Mouse)

"I really enjoyed "It's All About Math."  It was a lot of help.  I hope you will teach our
teachers to be funny at teaching math.  I'm also using those problems at home."  4th
Grader, Medina Elementary

Storybook Theater's presentation was enjoyed by all at Kelley/Dodson.  The
children's favorite character was T.H.E. Wolf.  One first grader asked me, "Did you
know he changed his heart?

"The Storybook Theatre performers did an excellent job entertaining our group of
kids," said Brady Elementary Principal.

"The Storybook Theatre presentations have been the talk of the town. School
administrators, principals, teachers and students have praised your program."
~~Director, Navarro Council of the Arts